York City's 275th Anniversary

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Ultraviolet Disinfection

An ULTRAVIOLET light system is used to disinfect the effluent that leaves the sand filter process. In 2001 the existing system was upgraded to the Trojan UV3000PlusTM . Unlike our previous Trojan Technologies system, the 3000Plus series utilizes a low pressure-high intensity lamp. This enabled the York facility to reduce the number of lamps needed for disinfection from 1728 to 768. The UV light inhibits any bacteria from replicating, thus making them harmless. This system has proven to be much safer than Chlorine, while being more cost effective. No toxic chemical needs to be added in the disinfection process. In addition, the 3000 series also has automatic wipers so operators do not have to spend time cleaning the lamps, thus saving on labor costs.


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