York City's 275th Anniversary

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The Neighborhood Resource

The Neighborhood Resource provides essential tools to empower greater public participation in York City, Pennsylvania. Born from the City's recently adopted Strategic Comprehensive Plan-a plan created by over 700 of York's citizens-The Neighborhood Resource offers opportunities for individuals to realize their dreams for a better community and engage in meaningful public participation. In short, The Neighborhood Resource provides for a place at the table for anyone who desires to make York City a great place to call live, work and play.

The Alliance of Neighborhood Associations

 Volunteers working together to enhance the quality of life in their neighborhoods. The Alliance is comprised of representatives of the various neighborhood associations in the City and meets monthly to exchange ideas and information.

Click here for contact information for each association.

Citizen Inspector Program - Skills for Neighborhood Leaders

Kelli Hill - Bureau of Planning, Permits, and Zoning
(717) 849-2256

Collaboration to Remedy Concerns

The City's Citizen Inspector Program has a proven track record of success in remedying code violations that exist in York City's neighborhoods. Established in 1998, the Citizen Inspector Program empowers citizens to actively partake in the betterment of their own neighborhoods by training and certifying our neighbors as "Citizen Health and Building Codes Inspectors."

Participants are trained by the City's Property Maintenance Inspectors, the Building Official and a representative from the City's Fire Prevention Bureau in the necessary procedures for addressing health and building code violations. Training and certifications are held periodically at no charge-through the City's Bureau of Planning, Permits, and Zoning. For more information please contact Kelli Hill at khill@yorkcity.org or at 717-849-2256.