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How to Report a Street Light Problem

The following is the standard operating procedure to properly identify and report problem streetlights located within the City of York.


It is necessary to properly identify the exact location of the streetlight. The name of the street it is located on and the closest address of a building.

The most helpful information to also be included is the pole number. This is a ten-digit number that is located on a yellow metal tag on the pole. An example of this number is 22550-28665. Every pole should have a pole number. If the number is missing from the pole this should be reported along with the exact location.


Please determine the exact problem with the streetlight.

A. The streetlight is out.
B. The streetlight goes on and off.
C. The streetlight is on during daylight hours.


The information collected in 1 and 2 should be forwarded to the Bureau of Electrical and Building Maintenance. This can be done through telephone by calling (717)-845-9351 or by email to Carol Godfrey: cgodfrey@yorkcity.org.


The Electrical Bureau will determine the ownership of the light and will either forward the proper information to Met-Ed to correct the problem or will make a repair if it is a city owned light.


The Electrical Bureau will log all reports received with the date, the location of the light, and the problem reported. It generally will take Met-Ed two to three weeks to make a repair.