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Sanitary Sewer Backup Information


                  FOR SEWER BILLING QUESTIONS                  
Contact the Finance Department
(717) 849-2268    


What To Do If Your Sewer Backs Up

  1. Call a Plumber or Drain Cleaning Service.

    When a sewer problem is experienced in your home, contact a plumber or drain-cleaning service. The yellow pages list many companies that can service your line.

    If the blockage occurs, contact the York City Wastewater Treatment Plant at 717-845-2794 and a crew will be dispatched to check the sanitary sewer main line. If the problem is in the City sewer system the City sanitary sewer maintenance crew will correct it. If not, you will be notified to contact a plumber or drain cleaning service.

  2. Property Owner or Renter Responsibility.

    The property owner is responsible for keeping the sewer service line clear between the building and the sewer main. Grease, roots, or foreign objects in the service line often cause blockages. Be sure to place any cooking or kitchen grease in a sealed container and dispose with your garbage. If poured down the drain, the grease hardens in the service line and will cause a blockage.

  3. Defective Service Line

    If the plumber or drain cleaning service is unable to clear the blockage, or finds a defect in the service line, the plumber should notify the City (717-845-2794) as soon as possible. The City will repair a defective service line if the problem is between the curb and the sewer main. The property owner is responsible for repair of the service line from the building to the curb.

Insurance Recommendations

Homeowners and Renters should check their insurance policy to determine if they are covered for sewage backups and flooding. It is advised to include this coverage in your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. If you are unsure if you are covered for this type of damage, contact your insurance agent.