York City's 275th Anniversary

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Refuse Districts/Areas

In York City, there are two refuse districts.  The first collection area is Monday/Thursday and the second area is Tuesday/Friday.  

RECYCLING and YARD WASTE are collected MONDAYS in the Monday/Thursday area and TUESDAYS in the Tuesday/Friday area.

The City is generally divided in half along Market Street. The North half, including both sides of Market Street, is the Monday/Thursday refuse district; the South half is the Tuesday/Friday refuse district.

The order in which collection routes are run may vary at any time and customers are reminded that collections may be earlier or later than they are generally accustomed to.

Crews will not return for items that were not placed out on time.

To ensure collections, customers are reminded to place ALL items at the designated spot by 6 a.m. on their designated collection days. Items that are placed out late, after crews have already gone through, must be held until the next regularly scheduled collection day.  Each property has only ONE designated collection point.

Collections begin as early as 6 a.m. and may continue as late as 9 p.m. Customers may call York City’s Public Works office at 843-1240 or at 849-2245 the following day to report a missed collection.

Holiday Collections

When a holiday falls on A WEEKEND, SATURDAY or SUNDAY, there will be NO CHANGE to collections.

When a holiday falls on ANY WEEKDAY, MONDAY thru FRIDAY, ALL curbside collections city-wide (this means EVERYONE'S collections) that fall ON or AFTER the holiday will be delayed by (1) day, beginning with the holiday and continuing throughout the remainder of the affected week.

For example, if a holiday falls on Wednesday, collections for Monday and Tuesday are not affected. However, ALL curbside collections for the remainder of that holiday week are delayed by (1) day.