York City's 275th Anniversary

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The Redevelopment Authority of the City of York


To become a community where:

  1. Diverse businesses prosper
  2. Development and niche districts grow
  3. Talent is encouraged, retained and recruited
  4. Neighborhoods revitalized


To create conditions encouraging city-wide development through:

  1. Project management and public-private partnerships;
  2. Property planning, acquisitions, marketing and agreements;
  3. Performance-based incentives and loans; and
  4. Small business counseling and training.

York City Redevelopment Authority

The staff of the City of York Economic and Community Development Department oversee and administers the York City Redevelopment Authority (RDA). The role of the RDA is to responsibly maintain and market its residential, commercial and mixed-use development properties in the City of York. We aim for responsible redevelopments to not only increase the City tax base, but to support community and economic development in all city neighborhoods. The RDA is audited annually as part of the City of York’s annual audit and the financial reports are part of public record.

The RDA acquires property through donation, tax sale, purchase and condemnation. The majority of the RDA’s holdings consist of vacant grass lots, many of which are clustered together. Occasionally, as the circumstance is presented, the RDA acquires vacant structures for which it seeks redevelopment proposals. To redevelop and rehabilitate blighted areas and to prevent property deterioration in other areas. The RDA has express authority and power, within areas set by the Planning Commission, to investigate, plan, purchase property, make contracts for demolition and rebuilding, and provide parks and recreation areas. The Redevelopment Authority has properties for sale for the purpose of homeownership and elimination of blight conditions in the City of York.  

Select RDA Properties for Sale - For additional property listings, contact the RDA.