York City's 275th Anniversary

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Recycle Every Week In York City


For Missed Collections, Call The City Of York At 843-1240 or 849-2245.

Recycling Instructions:

Place recycling containers at the designated pick-up point before 6:00 AM on your first collection day.

Place paper items, mixed in a paper bag or tied in a bundle (with twine) and set beside or on top of your recycling container.

Rinse and place all (plastic, glass and metal) cans and bottles together in your recycling container.

Be sure to place heavier items on top of paper board items, so they don't blow away.

Please do not place any items in plastic bags for recycling collection.

Recycling containers may be purchased for $3.00 each. (Limit 1)

Recycling containers may be purchased at the Public Works office, located at 101 South George Street, York, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Accepted forms of payment - cash or check ONLY. Credit or debit cards will not be accepted. (Must show proof of customer status or residency, such as a driver's license or sewer bill.)





-Magazines, Phone Books       -Catalogs, Junk mail     
-Office Paper. Tablet Paper
-Paper Towel/Toilet Paper Rolls
-Empty Food/Tissue/Cereal/
Shoe/ Boxes (and the like)
-Empty/Clean Pizza Boxes
-Mix paper in brown     paper bags or bundle with twine
(Do not use metal to bundle)
-Food or food-soiled paper or boxes
-Plastic bags

PLASTIC #1 & #2
-Soda, Food, Detergent &
Grooming/Toiletry Bottles,      -Milk, Juice & Water Jugs
-All #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 Bottles
-Rinse clean
-Labels OK
-Remove and place caps/lids in trash
-Plastic bags
-Motor oil and chemical

-Clear, Green & Brown
Food and Beverage Containers Only
-Rinse clean
-Collars, neck rings & labels OK
-Remove and place caps/lids in trash
-Broken glass
-Ceramics, window glass, mirrors, light bulbs,      drinkware

-Metal Beverage Cans
-Metal Food Cans
-Bi-metal Food Cans
-Empty Aerosol Cans (from food/hair products only)
-Rinse clean
-Labels OK
-Remove and place lids (if any) in trash
-Aluminum foil, foil pans
-Metal items, hangers,
siding or scrap metal
-Chemical cans

Cardboard - Both RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL customers are mandated by state and  local law to recycle corrugated cardboard.  FLATTEN (pull apart/cut) all cardboard boxes and BUNDLE multiple pieces of cardboard with twine. (Do not use wire to secure bundles.) Limit: 40 pounds and 3' x 3' bundles.  Bundled cardboard must be placed next to the recycling container only on the designated recycling day each week in your area. Do NOT place cardboard for trash collection.

Christmas Tree Collection

York City staff perform special curbside Christmas Tree collections generally during the first two weeks of January each year. Please remove all foreign objects (plastic bags, lights, ornaments). Place tree at your designated collection point prior to 6:00 AM on your collection day during this period of time. After the first two weeks in January, the curbside hauler will collect any remaining Christmas trees as regular trash. Each tree replaces a bag/can of trash in the normal bag limit.

Questions? Please contact York City, Public Works Department at 849-2245.

For each ton of recyclables collected from York City curbside customers, the City avoids $62.00 in disposal fees.

Please do your part and RECYCLE !


NOTE:  All York City residents as well as commercial, municipal, and institutional establishments are MANDATED to recycle designated material according to the State's Act 101 and York City's local Ordinance, Article 952.