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Police Civil Service Board

The mission of the Police Civil Service Board is to hire the best possible candidates as members of the York City Police Department.

The main duties of the Board are to oversee a written exam, which is held every 2 years, a rigid agility test, and an oral review of potential candidates. The Board maintains a list containing the names of all eligible applicants for police officer appointment who pass the required mental and physical examinations and background checks. The applicants are placed on the eligibility list according to their percentage ranking. The Board reviews the eligibility list annually.

When employment opportunities become available with the York City Police Department, applicants, as selected from the eligibility list, will be reviewed by the Board who will in turn give its final recommendation(s) to the Mayor for appointment consideration. The Mayor then forwards her recommendation(s) for appointment as probationary police officer(s) to City Council for final approval.

Council appoints three members to the Police Civil Service Board to serve four year terms each. Members must be City residents.

Contact: The City of York's Office of Human Resources- (717) 849-2244


  1. James Boyer - Term expires: 9/1/2018                     
  2. Carmen Bones - Term expires: 6/17/2017                              
  3. Julio Javier Aguayo - Term expires: 6/18/2015