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9/19/2013 12:00 AM


Staying Healthy During Fall


Fall is here! The weather may be changing, the colors of the leaves may be changing, but it doesn’t mean that your healthy activities need to change. Once the weather becomes cooler, it can cause us to lose our zest for outside activities and find ourselves limiting our activity. Try not to fall into this trap! Keep yourself motivated and keep yourself moving. Don’t lose focus on the progress that you have made so far in maintaining your health. Here’s a few suggestions to help keep you motivated during fall.
1.      Take a before and after picture of yourself and keep it posted on your refrigerator, next to your couch or television as a reminder of your accomplishments.
2.      Incorporate a few of your outside activities inside. Walk up and down your stairs for a set time, do some jumping jacks, or find your favorite line dance and follow along.
3.      Load up on fall fruits and vegetables. Try some peaches, apples, collards, squash, eggplant and much more.
Have fun trying them!