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6/24/2013 06:56 AM



The U.S. Conference of Mayors Awards City of York, PA

City of York Awarded Outstanding Achievement City Livability Award for the MENTORYork Program


The City of York, PA has been awarded the Outstanding Achievement City Livability Award by The U.S. Conference of Mayors. The award will be presented to the City of York, PA, on Saturday June 22nd, during The U.S. Conference of Mayors 81st Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Established in 1979, The Conference of Mayors City Livability Program sponsored by Waste Management, Inc., honors mayors and their city governments for developing innovative programs that enhance the quality of life in urban areas.
“The investment principal of encouraging community leaders to engage in a four year commitment level with students, led to its recognition as a highly effective program that has the ability to enhance the lives of our youth and encourage them to persevere” states Mayor Bracey.
MENTORYork was initiated by Mayor C. Kim Bracey as the high impact service plan for the City of York, in collaboration with the Cities of Service, AARP, and high schools within the City of York. The program seeks to involve mentorship to students by mentors that are committed to become involved in the life of youth for their entire high school experience from 9th – 12th grade. Check here to learn more about the MENTORYork Program and how you can become involved
Hundreds of mayors and their city governments submitted applications with a wide range of programs, to compete for the honor of calling themselves City Livability Award winners. Ten winners were selected from the large cities category and ten winners were selected from the small cities category. The City of York was selected for an award in the small cities program, which includes cities smaller than 100,000 in population. The 20 award-winning cities were determined by an independent panel of judges, selected by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.
MENTORYork is the City of York’s High Impact Service Plan in collaboration with Cities of Service, AARP, and The School District of the City of York developed in July 2011. MENTORYork seeks to engage Master Mentors from the community with Grads To Be, students in the 9th grade, while committing to become involved in their lives during their entire high school experience from 9th through 12th grade. 
Last year alone, Master Mentors committed over 220 hours of volunteer service with their Grads To Be, engaging them in positive activities, while providing them with the skills and resources needed to excel forward in their lives.
If you are interested in becoming a Master Mentor or learning more about the MENTORYork initiative, please contact Edquina Washington, Director of Community Relations at or 717-849-2200.
Click here to view MENTORYork's One Year Report
Click here to view MENTORYork - High Impact Service Plan for the City of York in its entirety.