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Maternal and Child Health Programs


Terri Fitzgerald, R.N. - Coordinator
(717) 849-2296 ||


The goal of the Maternal and Child Health Program is to keep at risk pregnant women, mothers with infants and children healthy through outreach, education and referrals to services.

The Maternal and Child Health Program provides public health nursing services and education to pregnant women, mothers of infants and children with special health care needs who are at risk for poor health outcomes. The program emphasizes health promotion through education and reduction of avoidable risks before, during and after pregnancy. Public Health Nurses provide home visits to pregnant or parenting women to provide education, support, and referrals to local services. The nurses focus on pre- and post-natal care, growth and development, substance use/abuse during pregnancy, nutrition, parenting and injury prevention in order to improve birth outcomes for both the mother and the infant. Bureau of Health nurses work closely with health care providers to coordinate care for the woman and/or the infant. The Bureau of Health also provides Child Birth Education for those requesting information on labor and delivery.


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