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Violence & Injury Prevention


To reduce the number of injuries in the home and neighborhoods by promoting safety and injury prevention awareness among the York community. The Bureau of Health's main focus is on falls prevention in older adults, Child Passenger Safety and unintentional injuries in youth; however, there are other injury prevention-related topics that staff are involved with.

Hundreds of York City residents sustain serious harm each year as a result of unintentional injuries that occur in the home, at the workplace, in schools, at playgrounds, and on the streets. Many injuries and even deaths are preventable.

Intentional injuries caused by acts of violence are increasingly recognized as a national public health concern. Abuse not only causes mental and physical pain, and in rare instances death, it also scars people emotionally to the point of their becoming abusers or perpetrators. This cycle may end up continuing from generation to generation. Violence can include firearm injuries and deaths, domestic violence, child abuse (both physical & sexual), and suicide. All forms of violence significantly increase the toll of human misery.

The Injury Prevention Program is designed to reduce both unintentional and intentional injuries in the home and throughout the community. Education is provided through one-on-one activities of staff, as well as through community awareness activities. Along with education, it is important that injury prevention-related policies and environmental changes be made.

Our Community Health Specialists are involved in a wide variety of injury prevention and/or safety coalitions, participate in or coordinate community events/conferences, and assist with local awareness campaigns.

To schedule an educational presentation, meeting, or request some resources contact York City Bureau of Health at 717-849-2299.


TV Tip-Overs, A Rising Trend in Injury Prevention:


Based on statistics from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Safe Kids Worldwide:

*Every 3 weeks, a child dies from a TV tip over.

*7 out of 10 children injured by TV tip overs are 5 years old or younger.

*Every 45 minutes a child visits the Emergency Room because of a TV tipping over.

*There has been a 31% increase in TV tip over-related injuries over the last 10 years.

*12,801 TV tip over injuries in 2011.

*Only one-quarter of adults take action to secure their TVs to a wall.


To view a short video about TV tip overs, click on the link below:


Additional Injury Prevention Resources:

Safe Kids Worldwide -

PA Safe Kids Coalition -

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) Injury Prevention & Control -

To learn more about the local Safe Kids Coalition in York, visit or call


Injury Prevention Programs:

A Matter of Balance Program

This program is an evidence-based fall prevention program, that addresses the fear of falling, while incorporating physical activity into the participant's daily lifestyle. People ages 55 and older should consider taking the Matter of Balance class. If you are 1) concerned about falls, 2) interested in improving balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination, 3) have fell in the past, 4) have restricted your activities because of falling, and/or 5) just want to have fun, then this may be the program for you! The program runs for 8 weeks, 1 session per week. Classes are 2 hours in length and healthy snacks are provided during each session. There is a minimum of 8 participants and a maximum of 12 participants in each class. At the end of the 8-week program, participants will earn a certificate for completing the program, prizes, and a voucher to receive one piece of injury prevention equipment for the home (limited supplies). This is a FREE program offered by the York City Bureau of Health. If you are interested in forming or attending a class, please contact Patricia Bonsu at 717-845-6532 for more information.

Risk Watch Program

This is a comprehensive injury prevention program designed for use in classrooms. Risk Watch aims at connecting teachers with the safety experts within the York community. This program will effectively teach children and their families the knowledge and skills they need in order to be safe from the areas where they are at the highest risk to unintentional injuries. There are four teaching modules: Pre-K/Kindergarten, 1st-2nd Grade, 3rd-4th Grade, and 5th-6th Grade). This program may be implemented in a school setting or within boys'/girls' clubs (example: boy scouts). Each of the teaching modules will cover the following topic areas: 1) motor vehicle safety, 2) poisoning prevention, 3) falls prevention, 4) water safety, 5) fire & burn prevention, 6) choking, strangulation, & suffocation prevention, 7) firearms injury prevention, and 8) bike & pedestrian safety. For more information on bringing Risk Watch into your school, early learning center, or boys/girls club, please contact Patricia Bonsu at 717-845-6532 for more information.


Child Passenger Safety Program

The Child Passenger Safety Program educates parents on child passenger seat safety, laws, and proper use. The Bureau of Health conducts education sessions regarding seat use and laws. Health Bureau staff have also received Child Passenger Safety (CPS) technician certifications and partner with other local agencies to conduct installation sites and hold community events. please contact Patricia Bonsu at 717-845-6532 for more information.



Coalition Involvement:

Senior Outreach Services (SOS)

One of our Community Health Specialist's chairs a coalition called Senior Outreach Services (SOS). This coalition is made up of various agencies and organizations throughout York County that serve the older adult population. SOS meets the second Wednesday of every month from 12:00-1:30pm, at varying host locations. The mission of the SOS Coalition is to adopt a holistic and collaborative approach to service; SOS partners will create initiatives and events that generate a positive impact on senior citizens in York County. SOS seeks to unite all community partners that serve the senior population in York County. The coalition shares local and current events, ideas, statistics, and happenings that impact our aging population. By sharing our respective resources in a collaborative fashion, we believe our targeted audience will be exposed to more of the health and human services available in the county. SOS holds FREE health fairs for the older adult population, as well as for those who are caregivers of older adults. Some of the areas that our staff focus on at SOS outreach events are the following: fall prevention, elder maltreatment, fire safety, home safety, suicide prevention, older adult pedestrian safety, traumatic brain injury, etc. Please contact Patricia Bonsu at 717-845-6532 for more information or to schedule a health fair.

York County Safe Kids Coalition

Two of our employees is a member of this coalition. Safe Kids is a coalition that involves a range of members from varying agencies/organizations. The coalition focuses on identifying and preventing injuries to children through education, advocacy, and networking. Safe Kids also plays a role with implementing certain aspects of the Bureau of Health's Risk Watch program. For more information about our involvement in this coalition, please contact Patricia Bonsu at 717-845-6532 .


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