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Human Relations Commission Members

The Commission is responsible for enforcing Article 183 "Fair Housing" and Article 185 "Human Relations" of the City of York Codified Ordinances, which includes performing intake, investigation and determination of complaints of discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations. The Commission also monitors and reports on hate crimes and other civil tensions within the City and its surrounding areas working with local, state and federal agencies. The Commission engages in workshops, meetings, community outreach and collaborative efforts to promote diversity, equality and non-violence in the City of York and beyond. The Commission advocates for the civil rights of all citizens of the city.

Members of the Commission must be residents of the City of York selected from a broad representative cross-sector of racial, ethnic and economic groups sympathetic to the principles and purposes of Article 185 of the York City Codified Ordinances.

Members are appointed by the Mayor, subject to the approval and confirmation of Council, and shall serve without compensation. Members serve three year terms, however, any vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as the original appointment.

Contact: Johanna Ramirez, Administrative Intake Support Specialist, Human Relations Commission - Phone: (717) 846-2926.

Meetings: Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at Council Chambers 101 S. George St York, PA 17401.


2014 Agendas & Meeting Minutes

December 15 Agenda Approved Minutes

 2015 Commissioner Meetings

January 26- Agenda    Approved Minutes 
February 16- Agenda   Approved Minutes

March 16- Agenda
April 20
May 18
June 15

*No Meetings in July and August (Summer Recess)* 

September 21
October 19
November 16
December 21

  1. Karen Rollins-Fitch, Acting Chair, Term expires 7/16/15 (Filled expired term of Cindy Mitzel)
  2. James Sawor, Acting Vice-Chair, Term expires 7/16/15 (Filled unexpired term of Lynn Faircloth)
  3. VACANCY, Acting Secretary/Treasurer, Term expires 7/16/17 (To fill unexpired term of Raquel Lilly)
  4. VACANCY, Term expires 7/16/15 (To fill unexpired term of Cheril Chronister)
  5. Nate Rivera, Jr., Term expires 7/16/17 (Filled unexpired term of Jose Aponte) 
  6. Kenneth F. Woerthwein, Term expires 7/16/17
  7. Amy Chamberlin, Term expires 7/16/16 (Filled expired term of Phyllis Ann Dowling)
  8. Stan Sexton, Term expires 7/16/16 (Filled expired term of Victor E. Brown)
  9. Rebecca Moore - Term expires 7/16/16 (Filled unexpired term of Tia Underkoffler)
  10. Mark Rhodes, Term expires 7/16/17 
  11. Caroline Williams, Term expires 7/16/15 (Filled expired term of Eric Orr)