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Health Services Offered by the Bureau of Health


Personal Health Services

  • AIDS/HIV - anonymous or confidential HIV testing, counseling and education, CD4 and Viral load testing, and HIV & AIDS case reporting. Partner counseling/referral services.
  • Animal Control - investigation of animal bites, rabies education, and rabies prevention.
  • Communicable Diseases - epidemiologic investigation of reportable diseases, such as Hepatitis, foodborne diseases, Lyme Disease, and other communicable diseases. Hepatitis C testing for qualified individuals.
  • Immunizations - free childhood vaccines (required for school admission) for all children, infant to 18 years old, who reside in York City. Selected adult immunizations.
  • Maternal & Child Health - public health nursing services to high risk prenatal women, infants and children, and children with special needs. Childbirth classes. Lay Home Visitor program available.
  • Pregnancy Testing - testing, counseling, and referrals.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) - epidemiologic investigation, education, counseling and referral for testing and treatment.
  • Tuberculosis - education, screening, testing, epidemiologic investigation, and treatment.


Emergency Preparedness & Response

  • Emergency Medical Services - ambulance service provided under contract with White Rose Ambulance.
  • Bioterrorism/Emergency Preparedness - emergency planning and education for businesses, schools, organizations, and general public. Coordination of various facets of the City's plan for bioterrorism responses.


Environmental Health Issues

  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention - test children for lead poisoning and assess housing structures for excess lead.
  • City Cemetery - service and maintenance of cemetery for indigents.


Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Services

  • Public Health Education - individual and group presentations on a wide range of public health topics.
  • Safe and Healthy Communities Program - community-based prevention program using a comprehensive approach to reduce chronic disease by addressing policy, systems, community, and environmental issues that impact health in the community at large and in workplaces. The program focuses mainly on providing opportunities to engage in healthy behaviors.
  • Violence & Injury Prevention Program (VIPP) - community interventions to reduce intentional and unintentional injuries, through behavioral, policy, system, and environmental changes.
  • Dental Sealant Program - school-based program to screen and place dental sealants on children between the ages of 6-8 and 12-14.
  • BMI Program - Body Mass Index (BMI) assessment for persons 2-19 years old. The BMI score is calculated and shared with the child's parent/guardian. Discuss how BMI impacts their health and development into adulthood.


Public Health Services Provided by Other City Departments

  • Child Care/Boarding Home Monitoring - inspection of public and private facilities.
  • Environmental Nuisance Complaints - investigation of environmental health hazards (animal waste, vector control, weeds, garbage, etc.); cleaning and/or securing problem properties.
  • Food Service Sanitation - inspection and licensing of food establishments; epidemiologic investigation of foodborne diseases.
  • Institutional Sanitation & Safety - inspection of public institutions for compliance with health and safety standards.
  • Solid Refuse Disposal - twice weekly garbage pickup under contract, recycling program, and large item pickup.
  • Swimming Pool Monitoring - an annual inspection of public swimming pools.
  • Water Pollution Control - prevention of water and soil contamination throuogh City's Wastewater Treatment Plant and Municipal Industrial Pretreatment Program.


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