York City's 275th Anniversary

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2011 Gates Project



The City of York is pleased to announce a new public-private

initiative called the Gates Project. Gates is a broad-scale project

developed in response to requests from York City residents that the

city expand the York City Safety initiative piloted in 2007. The

2007 pilot program funded grant requests from neighborhood groups for

breezeway gates and street and porch lights. According to residents

and the York City Police Department, the gates were very effective in

deterring criminal behavior.

The new initiative, the Gates Project, is projected to help decrease

crime by paying for the fabrication and installation of up to 300

gates for breezeways in York City's west end. The city is working

with the Women's Giving Circle (WGC), a fund of the York County

Community Foundation, to help develop the program. WGC will provide

start-up funding and help develop additional partnerships and

coordination of the project. Kinsley Construction will be a key

partner in the Gates Project.

How much will this cost the homeowner?

The gates will be provided and installed FREE OF CHARGE

Who will be installing the gates?

The breezeways will be measured and gates will be made by Kinsley.  The York Builder's Association and Habitat for Humanity will be installing the gates.

What will the gates look like?

The gates will be made of steel and will be around five feet tall.  The picture above is a sample gate.

Will the gates be locked?

Yes, the gates will be locked, however the homeowners on each side of the gate will be provided a key to the gate.

Who will be performing maintenance on the gates?

For maintenance on the gates, contact the York City Police Department at 717-849-2254.

June 25, 2011 Installation