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Fire Prevention Bureau

43 South Duke Street
York, Pennsylvania 17401
Telephone: 717-849-2209
Fax: 717-812-9831


The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for the tenant-occupied property program. This includes the licensing and inspection of all tenant-occupied properties within the City of York. The Fire Prevention Bureau is also responsible for enforcing the International Fire Code and the City of York Property Maintenance Code.

Members of the Fire Prevention Bureau:

  • Conduct cellar-to-attic inspections

  • Receive and investigate complaints

  • Register and inspect vacant properties

  • Conduct certificate of occupancy inspections

  • Conduct certificate of compliance inspections

  • Issue operational permits

  • Review plans

  • Conduct fire drills

  • Provide public education

  • Maintain certifications

  • Serve on the Civil Enforcement Unit

  • Conduct neighborhood and commercial sweeps

The work of the Fire Prevention Bureau is often unable to be measured. Without a doubt, the inspection of properties and enforcement of codes reduces the number of fires and potential loss of life and serious injury. The work of the Fire Prevention Bureau is not only to save lives but also improve the quality of life throughout the city.