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Fire Civil Service Board

The Fire Civil Service Commission is a three member board charged with overseeing the appointment, promotion and discharge of paid firefighters of the City of York. The Commission’s duties and functions are dictated by the rules governing cities of the Third Class. The Commission is a citizen panel that functions independently of the Department of Fire/Rescue Services. Each member is appointed by City Council for a term of four years and meets on an as-needed basis. The Commission provides both the Council and the Mayor with annual activities reports.

The Fire Civil Service Commission administers a three part test to establish an eligibility list from which new firefighters may be hired. The test consists of a physical agility test, a written exam and an oral interview. The test is conducted over a period of six weeks and when completed, produces a list of candidates who might someday serve as firefighters for the City of York. The Commission is similarly involved when active firefighters are promoted to insure that the most-qualified applicants are chosen. Lastly, the Commission may be called upon to rule on any disciplinary action taken by the Department of Fire/Rescue Services to insure that it is fair and in the best interest of the City of York.

Contact: The City of York's Office of Human Resources - (717) 849-2244


  1. Joseph Stein (Filled unexpired term of Hayden Mitchell) - Term Expires: 11/5/15
  2. Patricia J. Kehr - Term Expires: 11/5/14
  3. Marakay J. Rogers - Term Expires: 11/5/16