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The York City Pastor's Summit

In May 2010, Mayor C. Kim Bracey held the first York City Pastors’ Summit that was designed to uphold the mission of joining together the faith community to demonstrate that it is possible for faith leaders to cross denominations, theological, racial and cultural lines in order to accomplish a common purpose and provide answers to addressing pressing community related issues.

The following three questions were asked:

What do we see to be the three most pressing issues facing the City of York at this time, and therefore those that Mayor Bracey’s administration needs to address?

  • Disunity of faith organizations, races, geography (county vs. city), and community agencies
  • The breakdown of the family unit. Support is needed in the areas of education, parenting, abuse, ex-offender services, and family life skills.
  • Poverty

How can Mayor Bracey’s administration assist our congregations as we seek to address these issues in the neighborhoods in which our congregations are located?

  • Provide changes to zoning ordinances, codes, and access to new possibilities of economic and community development
  • Increase communication and sharing of resources with faith leaders, small businesses, zoning and code officials
  • Creation of a congregational liaison advocacy group

What can and what are the pastors/congregations willing to do to help Mayor Bracey’s administration address these pressing issues that are identified?

  • Provide assistance to the Mayor
  • Have an ongoing commitment to work with Mayor Bracey’s administration, by providing more summits and mapping resources and services
  • Adoption of a park or neighborhood in coordination with the Mayor’s office

Past Faith Net Events

FaithNet 2011

In July 2011, Mayor C. Kim Bracey held FaithNet 2011: Inspiration to Action: Strengthening Connections in the Faith Community designed to join together faith leaders to engage in dialogue, share experiences and knowledge, and work together to develop a response to critical issues within the community. The event focused on the areas of poverty, housing, and families within the community. Over 100 representatives from the faith, for - profit, and not for profit community attended the event and provided valuable input for a positive change in the community.

Check here to view the Post – Event Report.

FaithNet 2012

In August 2012, Mayor C. Kim Bracey held FaithNet 2012: Breaking Down , Building Up, which encouraged faith leaders to address the issues of geography, ethnicity, and religion within the community. Faith leaders from the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish community congregated alongside members of the not for profit and for profit community, to discuss the importance of collaboration in addressing the needs of the community regardless of religious affiliation.

2013 MLK America’s Sunday Supper: Where Do We Go From Here?

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mayor C. Kim Bracey held the City of York’s 1st MLK America’s Sunday Supper: Where Do We Go From Here? a national initiative spearheaded by Points of Light and Rethink Church, in collaboration with the Black Minister’s Association of York and Lincoln Charter School. The event was designed to join the community together over a meal and the viewing of a documentary that focused on a pressing issue within the community. The event focused on the current state of our youth. In attendance were over 250 community members. Over 20 community members volunteered at the event and 200 books were donated to Lincoln Charter School & Helen Thackston Charter School.

Check here to view the Post Report.

FaithNet 2013

In July 2013, Mayor C. Kim Bracey held the 4th Annual FaithNet Summit: FaithNet 2013, in collaboration with the Black Ministers' Association of York County, which provided the opportunity for 91 faith and community leaders to convene and learn of the progressions made in our community from the date of the initial York Pastor’s Summit in May 2010. 

Three faith organizations provided their blueprints for community change, while highlighting the connections that were made by their willingness to collaborate with neighborhood associations and community organizations to ensure the successfulness and stability of the changes made.  The Keynote Speaker for FaithNet 2013 was the Right Reverend Dr. Nathan D. Baxter, Bishop of the Episcopal Dioceses of Central Pennsylvania.

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