York City's 275th Anniversary

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Downtown Inc (York Business Improvement District Authority)

Downtown Inc is a community organization working to facilitate leadership, collaboration, advocacy, and promotion of downtown initiatives in order to improve the overall physical appearance of downtown York, increase foot traffic throughout the downtown district, and communicate to the community at large the positive activities taking place in downtown York. Downtown Inc coordinates programming within the downtown, such as First Friday events, walking tours and downtown orientations, merchant open house events, and beautification projects. Downtown Inc oversees York’s Main Street program, which operates as a nonprofit organization. The comprehensive Main Street approach is based on four points proven to produce fundamental change: Design, Economic Restructuring, Organization, and Promotion.

Downtown Inc also oversees the York’s Business Improvement District Authority. A Business Improvement District (BID) is a geographical area in which property owners choose to be assessed a fee by the Authority to fund business-related activities and improvements that will benefit the district as a whole. In York’s BID, property owners are assessed at a rate of .001% of their property value and the funds are used to support Downtown Inc’s mission to champion the downtown experience.

Municipal Authorities Act of 1945, as amended by Act 110 of 2001 passed 12/17/01 (SB1215) regulates that each member shall be a taxpayer in, maintain a business in, or be a resident of the municipality in which the Authority is organized.

The Mayor appoints the 11 members to 5 year terms with Council's consent.

Meetings: Second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 a.m. at the Stock & Leader Board Room, 221 W. Philadelphia St., York, PA.

Contact: Tim Miller, Interim Executive Director, Downtown Inc (717) 849-2331, email: tmiller@downtownyorkpa.com. Please visit Downtown Inc for more information.


  1. Gary A. Sonke, President - Term expires: 1/1/18
  2. Krista Darr, Vice President - Term expires: 12/31/17
  3. Joseph R. Clark, II (Filled unexpired term of Jason Lewis)Term expires: 1/1/20
  4. R. Eric Menzer, Secretary - Term expires: 12/31/16
  5. Hilary A. Arthur - Term expires: 12/31/19
  6. John A. Klinedinst - Term expires: 1/1/20
  7. Dr. Larry Covin, Jr. - Term expires: 12/31/20
  8. Mandy Arnold - Term expires: 1/1/18
  9. Kevin Schreiber  - Term expires: 1/1/17
  10. Patti Stirk -Term expires: 1/1/18
  11. Z. Dylan Bauer - (Filled unexpired term of Ken Wesler) - Term expires: 1/1/18