York City's 275th Anniversary

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York City Detectives

Division Commander

The Division Commander is responsible for overseeing the Detective Division.

Lt. Tim Utley


Crimes Against Persons

This unit primarily investigates homicides, robberies, and serious assaults


D1C Spence 


Det. Ripley


Crimes Against Property

This unit primarily investigates burglaries and thefts.

Det. Fetrow 

Det. Baez

Det. Mayer 


Child Abuse and Sexual Crimes Unit

This unit investigates all crimes reported against children and all sexually related crimes.

Det. Clarkson 

Det. Luchko



Det.Bill Follmer is the primary investigator for crimes involving fraud, identity theft, and similar crimes.

Det. Follmer


Vice & Narcotics

This unit primarily investigates drug and related criminal activity. The City's Nuisance Abatement squad also falls under the Vice and Narcotics Unit due to the frequent parallels in investigations.

D1C Shaffer

Det. Nadzom

Det. Seelig


Warrants & Fugitives

Det. Peddicord is the York City Police Department member of the fugitive task force made up of several officers and Deputy US Marshals whose primary responsibility is the apprehension of fugitives and serving of arrest warrants.

Det. Peddicord


Nuisance Abatement

These officers attack the numerous Quality of Life issues including codes enforcement, noise, and loitering issues, prostitution, and violations of State and Local ordinances that affect the citizens of York City.

P.O. Wentz

P.O. Aderhold   saderhol@yorkcity.org

P.O. Pelton