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Yorktown Park

On August 27, 2013, residents of the City of York, members of Bring on Play and employees from C&S Wholesale Grocers and ES3, and many others, almost 300 total, came to Yorktown Park and renovated the playground in record time.  In less than 5 hours, new picnic tables, new benches, new sidewalk games, new trash strauctures and a new playground were constructed by our great team.  Thank you to ALL who came out to help.  Please stop by to visit this great new play area soon!




Penn Park

The Penn Park playground renovation is BOP's largest project to date! In September, 2012 we completed phase 1, by installing a Tot Playgarden, a play structure for children ages 2 through 6. The older children's play structure, water feature, history fence and rain garden will be completed in the spring 2014 providing a unique project within the heart of York City.  

Our projects are built by members of the community.  Many volunteers from the DCNR joined in to complete phase 1.  Check out their video

Below is the completed Tot Playgarden:

 Below is the future Youth Playgarden: