York City's 275th Anniversary

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York Community Development

Community Development Staff

Interim Director of Economic & Community Development:  Shilvosky Buffaloe  sbuffaloe@yorkcity.org  


About Community Development

Our Mission is to consistently improve upon the quality of services offered by Community Development. We do this through wise investment of resources and by applying innovation to our labors. We believe that our community's success depends in part on our ability to offer swift, value-added service that is quality oriented.

In creating value, we succeed or fail based on our ability to perform as stewards of the following key assets:

  • Our abundant resources: which must be strategically allocated;
  • Our ability to attain the goals we've set;
  • Our people, who are ultimately responsible for placing value on our undertakings;
  • Our ability to promote public-private partnerships;
  • That our labors are respectful of both the people we serve and the neighborhoods they reside.

Office of Community Development

101 South George St.
PO Box 509
York, PA 17405

Phone: (717) 849-2264
Fax: (717) 849-2329

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