York City's 275th Anniversary

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Roster of Fire Chiefs


Prior to 1886, each fire company appointed their own officers and there was no municipal fire chief to direct all of the fire companies.

Beginning in 1886, a Chief of the Department was appointed to oversee the operations of all of the fire companies. These chiefs were selected from the officers of one of the volunteer companies.

Robert Little was the first fire chief to be promoted from the ranks of the career firefighters. All fire chiefs since have been priomoted from the ranks of the career personnel.


Roster of Fire Chiefs

Luther T. Deininger 1886   Edgar C. Landes 1922-1926
John W. Whare 1887     Curtis C. Schaberg 1926-1929
James E. Crimmins 1888   G. B. Strausbaugh 1929-1929
Oliver P. Plonk 1889   L. Ellis Wagner 1929-1957
Charles E. Bucher 1890   H. Raymond Linton 1957-1960
Walter B. White 1890-1893   Lewis D. Harbaugh 1960-1961
James E. Crimnmins 1894-1895   John T. Koch 1961-1963
Oliver P. Plonk 1896-1898   Robert W. Little, Jr. 1963-1976
Harry L. Wills 1899-1901   George E. Kroll 1976-1995
Jacob K. Sechrist 1902-1904   Thomas E. Landis, Jr. 1995-1998
Samuel Kormeny 1905-1907   David A. Love, Jr. 1998-2000
George S. Kroll 1908-1911   John S. Senft 2000-2010
Harry L. Wills 1912-1918   Steven R. Buffington 2010-2012
George S. Kroll 1919-1921   David P. Michaels 2012-