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  Career Opportunities


With a history dating back to 1749, the York City Police Department serves a diverse population within an urban environment situated in South Central Pennsylvania.  Members of the agency enjoy a quality work environment, in addition to a competitive salary and benefit packages.  The mission of the York City Police Department is to exist to serve all people within our jurisdiction with respect, fairness and compassion. We are committed to the prevention of crime, and the protection of life and property; the preservation of peace, order, and safety; the enforcement of laws and ordinances; and the safeguarding of constitutional guarantees.  A combination of traditional policing methods and community oriented policing has created a "working together partnership" between the community and the police department.  Come be apart of serving the community with the York City Police Department.


Career Opportunities Include

Uniform Patrol


York County Quick Response Team (Tactical)

York County Negotiator Response Team

York County Drug Task Force

Neighborhood/Community Policing

Bicycle Patrol

Traffic Crash Reconstruction

Evidence Technician

Firearms Instructor

The York City Police Department tests in cooperation with the Metoplitan York Police Testing Consortium.  This Consortium allows applicants to test within 12 or more agencies within York County at one time.  Interested applicants can to the Consortium web page ( and follow instructions.


Continue to Serve.....with the York City Police Department!


Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

  1. Fill out application.
  2. Mail or drop off application with $40 check payable to York Area Regional Police Department.
  3. Consortium will mail or provide candidate with written test study quide when candidate drops off or mails application.
  4. Take written test.
  5. If written test is passed, then take oral examination.
  6. Once placed on list, check the website to see placement on list.
  7. Fill out questionaire and send to departments interested in working for.
  8. Wait for call from police departments.

Hiring Process

There are 13 police departments in the consortium.  Each department hires a different number of officers based on budget and man-power requirements.

          a. In 2011 there were 700 applications sent in and 500 people took the test.  Of those only 400 passed the test.  Over 50 were hired off the list.

          b. Hiring is normally done in waves based on the January and July police academy dates.

          c. One list is made based on scores of those who passed the test.

                    i. YCPD multiples the veteran's candidates scores by 115% before placed on the list with non-military candidates.

                    ii. YCPD maintains their own list based off of the consortium test.

          d. After passing the writtten test the candidate will be called to take an oral examination.

          e. Once oral examination is passed the candidate is placed on the consortium list.

          f. The background questionaire is sent to candidates who must then fill it out and send it to the agencies in which they wish to work for.

          g. The YCPD chooses a candidate from the top three positions on the list.  A veteran can not be skipped on the list for a non-veteran.



  1. Pass standardized psychological test (MMPI)
  2. MPOETC Physical Fitness Standards
  3. Pass vision and hearing screening
  4. Pass physical for doctor


Miscellaneous Points

  • YCPD is Civil Service
  • YCPD pays for the academy, all gear/uniforms, and full salary while in the academy
  • Deals on hotels may be available during testing process for those who are traveling
  • Job fair requires that we accept resumes, although they will not be used to determine eligibility or qualification