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A Love By Any Other Name

By Carla Christopher

Come with me Mahal Kita¹
to the land behind my eyes, ripe and juicy
with overflowing sunrises of grapefruit pinks
and dreamy sweet-tart purples
where birds trill in harmony and their notes
twist lyrically into symphonic destiny
Yes, these notes were meant to sing together
And we were meant to be here
crying diamond tears and collecting
the opalescent crystals into velvet bags
where they jingle
to only the right music, habeeb²
Here we swim in pools of pearls and paint in poetry
using words of brightest colors grown in
crumbling rich soil
We grind glimmering shells
into pigments that don’t dye
but live alive and breathe on the page and
all my poetry is your beautiful name
whispered into woven parchment
monamor, tu amada³

¹ Tagalog - “Beloved”
² Arabic – “My Love”
³ Spanish – “My love, you are loved”