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Volunteer Firefighter of the Year Award


Each year, a volunteer member of the Department is selected as the Volunteer Firefighter of the Year, based on sustained performance. The award consists of a gold bar for uniform wear enameled in equal divisions of red and separated by a segment of gold metal with the year of the award inscribed thereon in navy blue enamel, as well as a plaque and ribbon provided by the Foremens - Presidents - Fire Chiefs Association.

The following are previous recipients of the award:

Year Name
1986 L. Scott Barnett
1987 not awarded
1988 Scott W. Ott
1989 not awarded
1990 Richard W. Stahle
1991 James A. Welty
1992 Albert H. Shaffer, Sr.
1993 George B. Krone
1994 Beauford W. "Bud" Ott
1995 Robert E. Ditzel
1996 Arthur C. Rider, Jr.
1997 Arthur R. Smith, Jr.
1998 David C. Sheasley
1999 Arthur D. Harman
2000 Frederick A. Kottmyer, III
2001 William C. Duke
2002 Osborne W. Bowman, Jr.
2003 Clarence J. "Bud" March
2004 Charles F. Warren, III
2005 Sharon A. Bleacher
2006 Albert H. Shaffer, Sr.
2007 Dean A. Lightner
2008 Robert N. Bowman
2009 Frederick A. Kottmyer, Jr.
2010 Marlin H. Grove
2011 not awarded
2012 not awarded