York City's 275th Anniversary

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Firefighter of the Year Award


Each year, a career member of the Department is selected as the Firefighter of the Year, based on sustained performance. The award consists of a gold bar for uniform wear enameled in equal divisions of red and separated by a segment of gold metal with the year of the award inscribed thereon in navy blue enamel, as well as a plaque or recognition provided by the York Professional Firefighters Association.

The following are previous recipients of the award:


Year Recipient
2013 William R. Collins
2012 Kenneth E. Sheffer
2011  Frederick R. DeSantis, III
2010 Patrick J. Rose
2009 Shawn M. Firestone
2008 Robert E. Bievenour
2007 Mark J. Bowman
2006 David P. Michaels
2005 Chad A. Deardorff
2004 Ivan K. Flanscha
2003 David L. Bowman
2002 David J. Ferguson
2001 Donald E. Newcomer
2000 Gordon F. Myers, Jr.
1999 Joseph P. Portner
1998 Darryl K. Maxfield
1997 William H. Sleeger, Jr.
1996 Ronald L. Simmons
1995 Jeffrey A. Miller
1994 John A. Kottmyer
1993 Gregory S. Altland
1992 George A, Kottmyer
1991 not awarded
1990 Larry E. Pritt
1989 Gregory E. Holtzapple
1988 Kenneth E. Sheffer
Carlos R. Fuentes
1987 George A. Kottmyer
1986 David W. Lauer
1985 Barry A. Halpin
1984 William F. Halpin
1983 Lawrence Pflaum, Jr.
1982 Michael R. Landis
1981 Cletus L. Arnold
1980 Gerald H. Stein
1979 Curtis L. March
1978 Richard W. Saylor